Change Coming Soon!

16 02 2009

Well, with some of my recent gameplay changes (such as officially switching over to my tankadin as my main) Frost Trap Resist will have to undergo some changes. Hopefully soon, but I have to find some time to make a new header, think of a more universal name for the blog, and figure out which direction I’m going in.

So please forgive the mess, hopefully all the paint will dry by the weekend.


It Goes to 11

13 01 2009

I play World of Warcraft with my sound on.

Yes, you heard me. I know of quite a few people who don’t, and prefer to listen to their metal, or country, or whatever music they desire. Hell, maybe even the Lord of the Rings soundtrack instead. Anything but the same old sounds, over and over again. But the thing is, every single sound in the game is important to how I play the game.

One of the main reasons is atmosphere. Would Kara really be the same without that music? Well, to some of you maybe, but for me not so much. When I step in to Orgrimmar, I know that the orcs are there with me. Undercity will always feel eerie. Sometimes the music even suprises me, like the first time I really listened to the music in the inn at Thousand Needles. When I first landed in Sholazar Basin and Grizzly Hills, I loved the music (I have both of them turned into ringtones on my iPhone >.>).

I also use my sound as a tool for more practical things. Verbal cues from raid bosses is a big one, the threat warning from Omen, low mana warning, etc. I don’t think I would function nearly as well in a raid without my sound. If I hear a blood elf dying, I quickly pan around to make sure it was just the mage’s clones or to see if something has broken loose and started laying waste to the clothies. My shot rotation is partly tuned to the sounds of my arrows because each one sounds different. From my experience playing a paladin tank, I can hear when our own paladin tank is using certain abilities.

Then there’s also just out in the world, while you’re minding your own business and questing. If you’re like me, and you grew up on a PvP server, you should know the sounds to look out for. The stealth noise is a major one. I’ve been able to save myself due to a quick turnaround and mashing a stun after hearing a stealth noise. Hearing someone else in combat is another. There’s that Alliance (or Horde) toon questing near you. Better keep an eye on what he’s doing or he may try to shiv you.

However, even I am guilty of this one. I will watch movies while fishing. Go ahead, turn down your in game music and leave the other sounds, just so you can hear that little fishing lure while you watch V for Vendetta. Or Moulin Rouge. Or maybe even a Lord of the Rings-a-thon.

So what about you guys? Sound on or off? Does yours go to 11?

Some Screenshots

11 01 2009

After having had an epic battle with my computer a few weeks ago, my screenshot folder was lost in the fray. My harddrive had died, and I had to reinstall WoW and all of my addons. But I have taken some new pictures since then, which I’m going to share. I love my new gear (though my shoulders are still BLAH) and love how the Northrend stuff looks.


I was helping a friend get a Ghost Saber pet like my beloved Buttons, and happened to get an item off the Cat Figurines that summons a Ghost Saber! He stealthed upon summon, so he’s a bit shy. Picture taken in the Horde Inn in Dalaran. =)



Playing with some Critter Bites. Fear my army of Critters!


Shameless plug. I’ve seen my dps better than that, and I don’t remember what we were doing… Probably Naxx. Also, that’s my new UI, less cluttered with stuff like my old one, though a bit less streamlined. That’s called “laziness after the new patch and I had to figure out what addons were still working!”


11 01 2009

So, a lot has happened since my last post. Where to begin…

I do apologize for lack of posting, but might as well not dwell on that.

To start of with the IRL stuff, I moved back home with my parents about a week before Thanksgiving, breaking things off with my now ex-fiance. I’ve been doing well, though after a bit of loneliness and figuring out what just being ‘me’ instead of ‘we’ was like. We were together for two years, and I changed and matured a lot in that time.

So, back to the WoW stuff. Onawar has been 80 for some time now, and is running Naxxramas with Target Dummy. Speaking of which, we decided enough was enough back on our old PvP server of Magtheridon and transferred to our new home on Silver Hand, a RP server. We love being able to quest without fear of gankage. Ona is still specc’d Marks and loving it. I adore Chimera Shot and my 30% crit.

I also transferred my paladin Onathia to the new server, and she’s now 77 fresh with Cold Weather Flying. I tried her as Holy for a bit, but went back to Prot fairly quickly. I don’t see her respeccing any time soon, at least not until dual specs comes out.

Target Dummy is seeing much more success on this server! We have more members than we could have expected and things are going wonderfully. We’re progressing at a good pace and have cleared Spider and Plague wing of Naxx with no trouble (we have a funny habit of leaving only me, our bear tank, and one of the priests alive at the end of the Heigan fight from about 50% or more). We’ve also taken out Sartharion with no drakes and Vault! Not to mention we’ve got two groups for Naxx scheduled now, and hopefully a 25-man Sartharion run in the works! Very exciting stuff for us, considering we never thought we’d get enough people to even think about 25-mans.

So now I’m very sleepy after leveling Onathia from 75 to 77 today, and it’s almost 2am. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me in the future. =)

Foreign Shores

2 11 2008

It’s less than two weeks until Wrath of the Lich King, and I’ve been going through phases of insane amounts of playtime and a complete lack of it since I last updated the blog. The fiance and I decided to go the Recruit-a-Friend route with some alts, since he was having some slow going with his warrior (his main is a 70 rogue) and I had a paladin sitting around 22 just waiting for some love. As you guys probably know, my first character that I really put some time and effort into was a Draenei paladin before I went Horde, and I had wanted another one for a while. So he made a new account, transferred his warrior, and off we went into 3x XP land. We got to 60 in about two weekends of solid play and some scattered time during the week. So now Onathia the Blood Elf paladin is 62 and tearing up Hellfire.

Or she was until we decided to play with some new alts while we still had the Recruit-a-Friend benefits. So now there’s Onako the Orc shammy running around at level 24 throwing lightning at people in her caster cloth. WTB caster leather, pst. The fiance is playing an Orc hunter. =) Both of us are female Orcs too, because you just don’t see enough of them.

Hawana the Druid has been put on the backburner for now at level 66 while the Altathon happens, because no matter what, Onawar is getting all the love when Lich King comes out. 

Speaking of Ona (Onawar will always be my one and only true Ona) she’s had her fair share of whining during the zombie invasion, killing of the Headless Horseman (got the Sinister Squashling of course!), pet collecting (yay, got the skunk pet and finally got one of the baby crocs!), and toying around with specs and pets. I’ve gone back to Marksman and snagged myself the rare white and blue gorilla from Un’Goro.

I’ve been tricked!

These are the numbers from killing Gruul (just Gruul, I was brought in late) as Marksman. Woo! The number 2 is also a Marks hunter, and number 3 was a shammy.

So now the next step along my path is to sail to the foreign shores of Northrend to do battle with the legions of the Lich King. He has brought his Scourge to our homes in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, so now we must retaliate for the sake of friends and family. We journied to the alien lands in Outland, and now it is time to return home.

Still Not Dead

7 09 2008

First of all:

Just thought I’d get that out of the way. Oh, and I have the hippogryph too, but I never took a screenshot of it. =/

Gear update: Got the S2 shoulders to replace my S1, finally got my Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix, got the QD badge gloves to go with my pants, and I think that’s it.

Did I mention that I’m Survival again and that I’ve been Survival for quite a while now? Though probably not when Lich King comes out thanks to the nerf to Expose Weakness.


I’m finally feeling the lack of players here on Magtheridon. With school starting back up again and people just not caring as much about raiding (I know that I barely care about my gear upgrades anymore because, well…. Lich King is going to be out soon) I’m seeing very few people on in my guild roster and trying to do any LFG on Hawana is a pain. I have her specc’d full resto and I’ve been mostly leveling her through instancing. I don’t really like questing (though I think I might enjoy it again on Ona for the LK content) and being full resto doesn’t help. However, she’s managed to get from 60-64 from almost entirely instancing. So I think it’s not a bad way to get things done.

I’m really looking forward to patch 3.0 so I can try out all the new hunter features. I’m looking forward to picking out my tank pet and trying out the new specs. I’m thinking of trying out Marks again, now that Trueshot Aura is going to scale.

Oh, and check my previous post. I made some updates to my collection. =)

My Shapeshifting Collection

1 07 2008

My Dimensional Ripper – Area 52 is a fun toy. I use it pretty often while doing dailies, and as such, I get fun debuffs all the time! I’ve started making it a habit to take a screenshot when I’m changed into another race, so here’s my collection so far!

Male Troll

Female Blood Elf (like my roflcopter?)

Female Draenei


Female Gnome

Male Tauren (Peanut butter jelly time!)

Female Orc (So fierce!)

Now, this isn’t all of them. I’ve been quite a few other races, but didn’t think to take screenshots. This list includes:

Male Dwarf (my orange beard was fabulous!)

Male Night Elf (he had the creepiest beard)

So, I wonder… how many people have ended up looking like me? =)