It Goes to 11

13 01 2009

I play World of Warcraft with my sound on.

Yes, you heard me. I know of quite a few people who don’t, and prefer to listen to their metal, or country, or whatever music they desire. Hell, maybe even the Lord of the Rings soundtrack instead. Anything but the same old sounds, over and over again. But the thing is, every single sound in the game is important to how I play the game.

One of the main reasons is atmosphere. Would Kara really be the same without that music? Well, to some of you maybe, but for me not so much. When I step in to Orgrimmar, I know that the orcs are there with me. Undercity will always feel eerie. Sometimes the music even suprises me, like the first time I really listened to the music in the inn at Thousand Needles. When I first landed in Sholazar Basin and Grizzly Hills, I loved the music (I have both of them turned into ringtones on my iPhone >.>).

I also use my sound as a tool for more practical things. Verbal cues from raid bosses is a big one, the threat warning from Omen, low mana warning, etc. I don’t think I would function nearly as well in a raid without my sound. If I hear a blood elf dying, I quickly pan around to make sure it was just the mage’s clones or to see if something has broken loose and started laying waste to the clothies. My shot rotation is partly tuned to the sounds of my arrows because each one sounds different. From my experience playing a paladin tank, I can hear when our own paladin tank is using certain abilities.

Then there’s also just out in the world, while you’re minding your own business and questing. If you’re like me, and you grew up on a PvP server, you should know the sounds to look out for. The stealth noise is a major one. I’ve been able to save myself due to a quick turnaround and mashing a stun after hearing a stealth noise. Hearing someone else in combat is another. There’s that Alliance (or Horde) toon questing near you. Better keep an eye on what he’s doing or he may try to shiv you.

However, even I am guilty of this one. I will watch movies while fishing. Go ahead, turn down your in game music and leave the other sounds, just so you can hear that little fishing lure while you watch V for Vendetta. Or Moulin Rouge. Or maybe even a Lord of the Rings-a-thon.

So what about you guys? Sound on or off? Does yours go to 11?

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4 responses

27 01 2009

I go through phases where my sound is always on or always off. However, I do prefer to raid with my sounds on. I take cues from the sounds around me as well. Plus, since I went through a months long phase where I didn’t play with sound at all, now it makes me nostalgic to hear the in-game noises. They’re there to set the mood for a reason.

However, I turn down ALL sounds when I’m fishing – just mute everything. Because I watch movies too, while I fish, and instead of straining to hear the quiet bobber sound, I just stare at the screen while watching a movie I know by heart, so I can listen to the dialogue, but still know what’s going on.

28 01 2009

I LOVE the music in Kara, espcecially Moroes :-)
I have been known to actually listen to one of the WoW soundtracks while playing.
Grizzly Hills music is great too.
My b/f and I have an unspoken competition, he likes his sound quite high, but I like to hear what I am doing, so I turn mine up higher…can you tell where we end up lol.

16 02 2009

hey where are you?! been ages since you posted.

16 02 2009

I’ve been debating the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

Apparently it’s 42, but I’m not quite sure what to do with that information. >.>

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