My Shapeshifting Collection

1 07 2008

My Dimensional Ripper – Area 52 is a fun toy. I use it pretty often while doing dailies, and as such, I get fun debuffs all the time! I’ve started making it a habit to take a screenshot when I’m changed into another race, so here’s my collection so far!

Male Troll

Female Blood Elf (like my roflcopter?)

Female Draenei


Female Gnome

Male Tauren (Peanut butter jelly time!)

Female Orc (So fierce!)

Now, this isn’t all of them. I’ve been quite a few other races, but didn’t think to take screenshots. This list includes:

Male Dwarf (my orange beard was fabulous!)

Male Night Elf (he had the creepiest beard)

So, I wonder… how many people have ended up looking like me? =)

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2 responses

7 07 2008
Lin [EG]

Had the creepiest beard? xDD I’d love to see that.

How’d you take to running around as a gnome? It disorients me every time, and I play an elf and a human. To switch from a cow to a gnome is mind-boggling!

…Not to mention the idea of a female gnome hunter makes me giggle.

7 07 2008

Running around as a Gnome was really weird, but honestly playing anything but a tauren is disorienting. It’s like the world is so much bigger because my camera is just at a different point in the screen.

It was great when I was a female gnome with Legacy… not to mention my shiny blue chicken crossbow.

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